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Shelving Shop Group

New Zealand’s cost-effective bulk storage and retail display specialist in the warehousing and logistics industry, faced a significant challenge with their website traffic. Their existing website suffered from poor navigation and an overall site structure that hindered users’ ability to find essential information, ultimately hampering online sales growth.

The Results: % Total ConversionsGoogle/Organic 51% ↑  Industry:Warehousing and LogisticsServices:Website Design

Website Traffic and Design

The Solution

To address the Shelving Shop Group’s website traffic woes, we executed a comprehensive solution encompassing web page design and B2B marketing strategies. We crafted a brand-new website with enhanced navigation and a well-structured blog, strategically aimed at building organic traffic. Our approach focuses on creating user-friendly core solution landing pages, optimised for SEO, to ensure users can quickly and easily find the shelving solutions they need, ultimately boosting online sales enquiries.

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Website Development Service

Website Traffic and Design

Our website design service for the Shelving Shop Group was tailored to their specific needs as New Zealand’s premier provider of cost-effective bulk storage and retail display solutions in the warehousing and logistics sector. We combined our expertise in web design with a deep understanding of their industry to create a visually appealing and highly functional website. Our goal was not only to enhance the aesthetics but also to improve user experience and conversion rates. Through strategic design choices and a user-centric approach, we successfully transformed their online presence, making it a valuable asset for attracting and engaging customers in their niche market.

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