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Shelving Shop Group

Discover how our eCommerce website design solutions transformed New Zealand’s leading bulk storage and retail display provider, Shelving Shop Group. Struggling with underperformance, the existing online store hindered growth potential. Through meticulous website design, we propelled online sales and redefined their digital shelf.

The Results: Gross Sales YOY208% ↑Orders Placed YOY196% ↑  Industry:Warehousing and LogisticsServices:Website Design

eCommerce Website Design

The Solution

Revolutionising the Shelving Shop Group’s online presence, our eCommerce website design seamlessly integrated diverse product types, including oversized items. Our solution addressed complex shipping needs, enhancing B2B eCommerce. The site now excels, itemising products meticulously and driving weekly sales.

eCommerce Website Design Layout
eCommerce Product Page Design
eCommerce Website Design Service

eCommerce Website Design

Our website design service proved indispensable for Shelving Shop Group. By tailoring the platform to their specific needs, we transcended challenges and maximised user experience. Our collaboration led to an intuitive interface, showcasing shelving and component add-ons effectively. The result? A finely tuned digital store that now consistently boosts weekly sales, helping the client make their mark as New Zealand’s premier bulk storage and retail display provider.

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