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Shelving Shop Group

Leading supplier of budget-friendly bulk storage and retail display solutions in New Zealand’s warehousing & logistics sector, encountered a dilemma. They needed to bolster their online presence and presentation proposals with social proof. Our strategy involved creating a compelling client testimonial video, spotlighting the advantages of Gondola Shelving to fortify their industry credibility.

Gondola Shelving Client Testimonial

Gondola Shelving Testimonial

To address the challenge of bolstering Shelving Shop Group’s online presence and enhancing proposals with social proof, we enlisted some help. We partnered with their valued supermarket client, Campus & Co, a global chain of small supermarkets often referred to as superstores. In this video, we included an in-depth product overview of Gondola Shelving, showcasing its core benefits and features in relation to Campus & Co. This strategy not only enhanced industry credibility but also positioned Shelving Shop Group as the foremost authority in cost-effective bulk storage and retail display solutions.

Play Video about Campus & Co Testimonial Video
Video Testimonial Service

Video Testimonials

Our service played a pivotal role in reshaping Shelving Shop Group’s brand narrative. Through compelling storytelling and genuine endorsements from clients like Campus & Co, we established a robust foundation of social proof. This not only strengthened their industry credibility but also solidified Shelving Shop Group’s position as the go-to authority for cost-effective bulk storage and retail display solutions. Our Client Testimonial Videos continue to be a powerful tool in building trust, fostering client relationships, and driving growth in the competitive warehousing and logistics sector.

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