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As a renowned brand on the global stage and the exclusive Pellenc distributor in New Zealand, Hydralada specialises in horticulture, industrial, and viniculture machinery. However, the absence of a physical catalogue showcasing their winery-specific equipment prompted our Brochure Design mission to provide a concrete depiction of their product lineup, addressing the gap in an increasingly digital landscape.

Viniculture Brochure Design

The Solution

Our Brochure Design solution tackled the challenge by crafting a beautifully comprehensive winery-focused product catalog, perfectly tailored for a B2B business like Hydralada. This digitally designed catalogue clearly illustrates their extensive product range and key features, bridging the gap between their physical machinery and the online landscape, ensuring their winery and viniculture machines reach a broader audience and shine.

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Contents Page Design
Inner Brochure Spread
Brochure Design Service
Brochure Layout Design

Brochure Design

Our Design service for Hydralada goes beyond just creating visually appealing catalogues. We understand the importance of creating marketing materials that not only showcase their products but also tell a compelling story about their brand. By combining captivating design, informative content, and a user-friendly layout, we’ve helped Hydralada connect with its target audience more effectively, making its agricultural machinery solutions stand out in a crowded market. Our commitment to delivering top-notch Brochure Design services has empowered Hydralada to convey its value proposition and achieve greater success in the competitive agricultural machinery industry.

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